Artificial Intelligence: Looking into the Future

Predicting the future is like driving a car while looking at you rear view mirror. You’re going to make a mistake, but it will be a precise one.

The possibilities for the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) range from a nightmare to utopia.

On the nightmare side, the machines have taken over every job imaginable. Humans are deemed to be useless, and are phased out.

A slightly better outcome is that we only have a few elites of the world controlling AI through a neural interface. They are living off Earth, in orbit. Their technology has enabled them to live forever.

The rest of the human population lives back on Earth, where all jobs have been taken over by the machines that are being controlled by AI. There are not enough resources left here on Earth to feed everyone. Most farm land has been flooded from global warming. Earth is becoming unbreathable. Essentially we are living the 2013 Movie Elysium.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, AI is enabling us to solve the worlds biggest problems. There is no power struggle. Every individual has access to AI. There is abundance of food and water, all the necessities of life, for everyone.

People do work, not for money, but for the betterment of society and humankind. We can choose to live as long as we want.

We are a multi-planetary species, are exploring the galaxy in starships. We are living Star Trek.

So that’s the scale. Somewhere in between, is the direction we are driving towards.

We are heading into a world, where you can know anything. It will depend on the quality of questions you ask.

Everything will become a service, from the car you drive to the clothes you wear.

You are creating your future.

The best way to predict the future is to create the one you want.

Your mindset is what rules. Think big. If you fail at achieving your goal, set a bigger goal that is motivating enough.

Remember, the worlds biggest problems are the worlds biggest opportunities.

Anything is possible.

Create the future you want.

Thank you for reading.



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