Augmented Reality to get a BIG Boost

Augmented Reality

So far, the biggest advance in Augmented Reality has been from Pokemon GO. Some don’t even consider that to be AR.

AR is Virtual Reality blended with the real world.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook envisions the next generation of smartphones to be loaded with AR capabilities. Apple has assembled a team, not compete with next gen devices, but to dominate the market.

The Apple AR team is run by a former Dolby Exec. It includes techies from Microsoft’s Hololens and Facebook’s Oculus projects, and Hollywood digital-effects gurus.

It would appear that Apple is going All-in on this one. They’ve even scooped up small AR, VR, and 3D companies.

They are working on several products, including AR glasses that can receive content from the iPhone.

If you’ve ever played a first person shooter video game, the result could be your very own heads-up display, giving you information about your surroundings and health status.

Of course the glasses aren’t going to be available in the short term. The iPhone will get AR first.

Eventually however, the glasses will come. They may be a bit bulky at first, probably not as geeky as Google Glass though. Over time, they will get lighter.

Ten years ago, nobody had an iPhone. Ten years from now perhaps, nobody will have an iPhone again as it gets phased out by wearable technology.

Inevitably, contact lenses with nano technology will bring augmented reality even more up close and personal.

AR is on the rise. Some say the market for AR will increase by 80% in the next seven years.

One thing is for sure. It will become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between what is real and what is not.

At some point in the not so distant future AR is going to enable Artificially Intelligent beings to jump out of our devices and into the real world.

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