Humans needed to find Planet 9

The Australian National University (ANU) is looking for people to help find the elusive planet 9.

Although there was a ninth planet discovered in 1930, it has been since then demoted to a dwarf planet.

This new hypothetical planet 9 could be a Super Earth, about ten times more massive. It would be somewhere between two to four time the diameter of the Earth.

It’s orbit is expected to be highly elliptical, going around the sun once every 15 thousand years.

Although there are currently only four rocky planets in our solar system, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, some think Planet 9 could have been an Ice giant ejected from the solar system after a close encounter with Jupiter. Others suspect it could have been a planet captured from another solar system.

Nobody has ever identified the planet in images, but it’s possible that it has already been photographed in the southern hemisphere.

The ANU is publicly releasing images taken by the SkyMapper telescope at the university’s Siding Spring Observatory in New South Whales, Australia.

It’s produced hundreds of thousands of images, and is inviting the public, everyone, to have a look.

The website hosting the images presents you with mages of moving object in space. your task is to spot the differences from one image to another.

Machines have been used in the past to do this sort of work, but humans have proved to be better at it in some ways.

They are going spend the first week presenting images they think are the highest likely part of the sky to contain the ice giant. Then they will continue to look at other areas for a couple of months.

If you spot it on the web site, you will have input on naming it.

Here is a link to the website.

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