Accelerating technology has implications across the spectrum, from us living longer healthier lives, solving the worlds biggest problems, to opening up space exploration like never before.

This is Deep Space Drones. In this podcast, we will deconstruct the latest science and technology breakthroughs, the obstacles they face, and the opportunities they create.

Big Data: The Next BIG Thing in IT
Artificial Intelligence: Looking Into the Future
A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away
A Look Back at Space Race 2016
Tesla vs. Trump
Enter The Microsoft Cloud
SpaceX Wars
Episode 12 – AI for Everyone (Ominous Version from the Archive)
Episode 11 – Mission to Mars
Episode 10 – Launching a New Space Program Startup
Episode 9: Uber Launching Self-Driving Cars Now
Future Cities Part 1: Create more livable Urban Spaces
Industry 4.0, The Rise of Smart Manufacturing
Episode 6: AR and Beyond Pokémon
Episode 5: Matt Thomas and the VR Gurus
Episode 4: Mindset for Performance Success
Episode 3: Virtual Reality Launches
Episode 2: Accelerating Technology
Episode 1: AI for Everyone