Matt Thomas (Front & Center) is on the show from Canadian startup SimWave. They are VR tech gurus.

They’ve created what has got to be the closest thing to a time machine. They will send me back to 1917, in France at ground zero of the Vimy Ridge battle, a pivotal point in Canadian history, where Canadian soldiers burst onto the international scene and claimed a great victory against the Germans.

We also get into VR for 21st century warfare, some of the projects they are working on, challenges they faced, and the strategy they use to overcome them.

There is really good content here. If you’re looking to get into VR, or want to add VR to your project, these guys are the ones to talk to.

Their web site is Simwave.ca. They are also on Twitter and Facebook. You can also find links to all that good stuff on DeepSpaceDrones.com.


SimWave on Twitter
SimWave web site
SimWave promo video
SimWave on Facebook